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BMW M3 - Jack Mcleod

Entered for the February 2017 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Jack Mcleod

Make: BMW

Model: M3

Year: 2016

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Products Used

How Jack Used Our Products

The car was sprayed with Auto Finesse Citrus Power to remove superficial grime. Then the car was snow foamed to remove more stubborn dirt in preparation for the contact wash. The Auto Finesse Avalanche was left to dwell for 10 minutes, then rinsed, after the wheels were decontaminated with Auto Finesse Iron out and agitated with the wheel woollies pack using the small brush to get behind the brakes.

An Auto Finesse Long hair brush was used to clean the face and the spokes of the wheels. The tyres were cleaned and agitated with the long hair brush ready for a new layer of tyre dressing. Warm water was added to 2 buckets with grit guards followed with Auto Finesse Lather. The car was washed with the Meguiars lambs wool mitt cleaning the top first (Roof) moving down to the bonnet, windows then the lower half of the car.

The car was rinsed then the engine was cleaned using Meguiars Engine Cleaner, rinsed off then dried then dressed with Dressle all-purpose dressing. The wheels and lower car were sprayed with Auto Finesse Oblitarate to remove any tar marks.

The car was dried with the Aqua Delux drying towel top to bottom. A separate microfiber cloth was used to dry the wheels. The exhausts were polished inside the tips and out using the NXT metal polish removing the carbon build up.

The car was polished using the All in one Tripple polish from Auto Finesse removing light surface imperfections and creating a glosser finish. The polish was buffed to a shine using microfibre towels.

The rims were sealed using Auto Finesse Mint Rims and buffed to a high shine with another thick microfibre towel.

Then the tyres were dressed with Meguiars Endurance tyre gel to give the tyres a wet look and set the white apart. The exterior and interior glass was cleaned with Auto Finesse Crystal. The interior was vacuumed alongside the Auto Finesse Interior brushes to aid the removal of dirt and dust then the interior was cleaned using Auto Finesse Total Interior Clean. After the car was wiped down with the Auto Finesse Finale Quick Detailer to enhance the gloss.

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