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Opel Manta 400 Homologation Car - Sean Hovell - Winner October 2008

Entered for the October 2008 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Sean Hovell

Make: Opel

Model: Manta 400 Homologation Car

Year: 1982

Viewed: 72228 times.

Votes/Comments: 72

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Opel Manta 400 Homologation Car
Opel Manta 400 Homologation Car

Products Used

How Sean Used Our Products

The car has been restored over past 5 years and after getting a Meguiars gift set I decided to use more of their products.

I use Meguiars Deep Crystal Step 1-3 each time I wash it and after a few days will also use the Meguiars Quik Detailer just to bring the car back up to a nice finish. I’ve only used the Meguiars Scratch X once as the cars paint is not that old so looks scratch free anyway.

The Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel is a great product and just seams to last and stay nice for a few weeks. I’ve been buying kits so some of the items I’ve not used yet.

On the whole the products seem to work well for my car.

Comments from Voters

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  • perfect perfect perfect

  • Absolutley Brilliant Motor .

  • brilliant retro vehicle

  • a stunning/mint example of a 400, a credit to its owner

  • Absolutely stunning car

  • Definitly an amazing car, must be seen for real to see how much time and effort has gone into it.

  • wow awesome car

  • truely a stunning car

  • Seen it in the metal, bloody fantastic!!!!! A credit to ya!!

  • Absolutely stunning car. The stuff of dreams.

  • Lovely lovely motor, have a similar one ,also am a car valeter so I know how much effort it takes.

  • Immaculate, amazing car, even better in the flesh!

  • This Manta is awesome,, i saw this @ Billing 2k8 & it stood out from the rest!!

  • stunning car

  • stunning example of what a 400 should look like ,love this car

  • lovely motor

  • I don't even like Vauxhalls and I'm voting for it...

  • Fantastic car this. Fully deserves to win any competition!

  • nice!

  • Seen this car in the 'Flesh' and it is stunning! You could eat your dinner off the underneath of it!

  • stunning!!!

  • what a beaut

  • love those massiv arches very clean underside

  • Sweet awesome manta

  • spotless car love it

  • awsome motor love the arches on the real 400

  • magic!

  • awesome a credit to the owner

  • would love to own a car half as nice as this one

  • this car is one of the best mantas in uk/europe

  • one of the best 400,s in the UK, cracking car

  • this is unreal a real credit to its owner

  • Beautiful................!!!!

  • vote for brands hatch

  • Yep, would love to see a 400 going for it

  • talk about megamanta this is an amazing group b legend...quality resto job

  • I have also seen this car in the flesh, absolutely stunning, nice one Sean!!!

  • top manta,top paint sweet ride

  • Awesome looking car class paint job

  • nice pixs for a gr8 car

  • best car on site true credit to you

  • Love it!! You can see real work and care has been put into this!!!

  • real gorgeous car

  • This car is complete work of art - well worth the blood sweat & tears!!!!!

  • Quality car true old skool.

  • Sweeeet

  • nice car one of the best mantas in the uk and eu

  • What can i say, simply that is one heck of a stunning car.

  • Have seen this car in the flesh and it is truly stunning, a real credit to Sean

  • It shines like a diamond. the best mix of elegant style and rwd power. Do you do weddings?

  • Mintest example of any road 400. Stunning!

  • wow amazing piece of work sean

  • gorgeous !!

  • Real manta Magic - that's what real cars are like !!

  • sure gets my vote

  • She's farkun super sweeeeeeet & phat!!!!!!!!!!!! Real motor!

  • Quality motor this will take some beating pure class

  • Awesome raw 400 power, hours owe work.

  • Best car on the site by far.

  • Stunning car, absolutely stunning.

  • Fab finish what a credit to you

  • Truly stunning!

  • true old skool what a beast and what a finish

  • love it, want it

  • mega

  • wow wow wow again,serious motor,mint

  • Fantastic motor! Cannae beat a bit of 'old skool' rwd

  • superb finish to this car really stands out from the crowd

  • stunning car

  • Thats got one fat rear end on it loving it a real stunner

  • That looks very nice.Very clean and shiny


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