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Car Detailing Cloths - by Ultimate Finish

Microfibres and waffle weave cloths for cleaning, drying, buffing and polishing paintwork, glass, britework and trim. From every day microfibres to super plush, high GSM long pile microfibres. This wide range of multipurpose microfibre cloths help with plenty of detailing tasks. Microfibre cloths for use with interior detailers and cleaners, designed to gently wipe away cleaner residues, dust, oils, fingerprints and more.

There are 4 main things to consider when selecting a microfibre cloth, size, weight, softness, colour.

  • Size - Most microfibre cloths are around 40x40cm, perfect when folded into a square for easy use around all areas of a car. If you have a much larger vehicle, it may be more beneficial to go for a larger microfibre, such as those found in the Microfibre Madness range.
  • Weight - Measured in gsm this is normally a good measure of thickness. Every day microfibres will be between 200gsm and 500gsm. More premium buffing cloths will be upwards of 500gsm. Some even as high as 1000gsm like that found on the UF Super Plush Finish Microfibre. Think about the job required, if you are trying to clean an engine bay, a super thick cloth will not be helpful.
  • Softness - The softer the microfibre the higher percent of polyamide, typical grocery microfibres will be 5-10% polyamide making them very strong but not very soft. Detailing microfibres will be upward of 20%, the higher the number the softer the cloth and the less likely it will scratch a surface. Look for those around 30% polyamide for buffing paintwork, anything under is great for multipurpose jobs or product applications.
  • Colour - If you intend to use the microfibre on the interior it is best to go with a more neutral colour. Some cleaners could strip more vibrant colours from the microfibres. For the exterior of the car this is less of an issue as the colour will just wash off.