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Car Glass Cleaning Cloths

What is the importance of using a purpose build glass cleaning towel for windows? Microfibre and waffle weave glass towels are designed at a specific weight and weave. This means they'll deliver bite and make cleaning or polishing glass a doddle! Use with a glass cleaner to ensure windows are always smear-free and clean!

The simple glass cloth holds as much importance to achieving clean glass as any product. Specialist glass cleaning cloths are weighted to offer easy and effective glass cleaning. This means that when pairing glass cleaning cloths with a glass cleaner, the results will be 100% optical clarity. With very low to no lint you won't have any of that fluff left behind which can statically cling to the glass leaving an imperfect finish.

With so many microfibre cloths for cars available, choosing the right window cloth makes a big difference. Many professional window cleaning cloths come with a waffle weave structure. This allows for a better 'bite' and greater ability to work on larger surface areas. Window cleaning cloths with zero pile are also very popular, offering a lint free finish.

A waffle weave, zero lint microfibre cloth is best for glass cleaning. A good example is the Stjarngloss Rutig Waffle Glass Cloth or the Gtechniq MF5 Power Glass Cloth. Whichever brand you end up using, it is important to maintain your glass cloth by using a good quality microfibre cleaner. Over time the glass cloth will become less effective if not washed regularly.