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Microfibre Car Wash Mitts - by Bilt Hamber

Wash mitts and wash pads are available in a choice of options. Most popular tend to be the lambswool wash mitt or a microfiber wash mitt. These types of wash mitts for cars have pretty much replaced the older, more basic style car wash foam sponge.

Wash mitts fit over the hand and a soft cuff around the wrist makes it a natural extension of your hand. They reduce the chances of inflicting swirl marks into paintwork in your wash stage! The modern construction of a washing mitt means they are less likely to hold on to pieces of dirt and grit. Highly absorbent, a wash mitt can be worn like a glove, making it easy to glide over a car's surfaces. The car washing mitt tends to be a safer option compared to car wash sponges. We have some of the largest car wash mitts on the market today to let you breeze through the work, or even more specialist versions for your alloy wheels.

There is also a modern take on a sponge for washing car surfaces, built with a soft closed-cell sponge. They’re gentle and forgiving on surfaces and, like the wash mitt, are less likely to hold dirt. These are especially good on wheels and lower trims.

Natural lambswool provides a soft, long-pile wash mitt that gently lifts dirt away from the surface of a vehicle. Much softer than microfibre it is less likely to introduce swirls, however being a natural material they won't last as long.

So whatever you are looking for microfibre, lambswool, sponge, mitt, or pad Ultimate Finish has all your requirements met.