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Car Cleaning Snow Foams - by Bilt Hamber

Maybe the single biggest improvement you could make to your car wash is to introduce a prewash stage. With Snow Foam pre-wash the glistening thick snow foam is designed to loosen larger dirt particles and grit from paintwork surfaces, so they can then be rinsed away safely. You can think of this as a bit like washing some dirty dishes at home – you wouldn’t take a plate that is heavily congealed in food; then attempt to clean it first off with a sponge or brush. You’re much more likely to have success (without causing damage) by thoroughly soaking it in the soapy solution first in order to loosen the debris attached. Shop the best snow foam from leading detailing manufacturers below.

Snow foams rely on pressure to generate their thick, clinging foam and the higher the pressure, the thicker the foam will be to help lift all the dirt and grit. You’ll need a pressure washer and a snow foam lance in order to produce sufficient power to blast the foam onto your car, but it’s certainly worth the investment. There is plenty of satisfaction to be gained from physically seeing the solution seep into areas of the vehicle you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to target, not to mention the pure white foam slowly falling down a panel as it takes the dark dirt away with it!

You may have noticed that prior to the main wash, there is an ongoing theme in these early stages and that is the consistent presence of non-contact cleaning methods. Pretty simple really – if you’re not touching the car, you’re not inflicting swirls or scratches!

Depending on your needs, snow foams generally come in two forms, for a less aggressive treatment, UF Ultimate Snow Foam is ideal if you have an existing wax or sealant on the vehicle which you are keen to protect, not remove. Alternatively, if you require a little more bite, using a snow foam such as Auto Finesse Avalanche is recommended. It is still completely safe to use on all surfaces of course, but is specially designed to strip heavily soiled vehicles.

Find the best snow foam that will help reduce car paintwork scratching. High-foaming snow foam solutions formulated to produce a thick lather. The foam softens contamination and lifts particles of dirt from the surface of the vehicle allowing them to be easily rinsed away. Not only does this reduce the damage to your car but also gets into all the hard-to-reach areas where a wash mitt simply won't go. You will be surprised at how much dirt can build up between those panel gaps, front bumper grills, behind number plates etc. Over time not removing this contamination will lead to mould growing on your car and long term rust and paintwork damage.

Find a suitable snow foam & lance to suit your pressure washer.

Browse all types of car snow foams such as pH neutral snow foam, ceramic snow foams or matt shampoo foams. We've also got you covered on sizes with a classic 5 Litre Snow Foam or a concentrate 1L for that simple grab and go.

Pressure washers come in all shapes and sizes but matching the correct snow foam cannon couldn't be easier. We have adapters for Karcher, Nilfisk, Kranzle, Alto, Bosch, BigBoi, Quick Release, Quick Connect and Gerni in a variety of different snow foam lances. If you don't have access to a pressure washer we also offer handy pump up foamers, no electricity or hosepipe required.

Take your Karcher snow foam lance or other brand, simply fill up your snow foam bottle and connect it to your pressure washer. Then stand back and produce a snow foam car wash that’s going to be the envy of your neighbours.