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Exterior Car Shampoos - by Bilt Hamber

Car shampoos are at the basics of all car washes. Unlike other household cleaners it is a special blend of detergents & surfactants that is designed to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants picked up by cars whilst driving; all without damaging its paintwork or wax coating. Using a car shampoo is much safer than using household cleaners or detergents, and not just safer but more efficient and removing dirt without stripping away any paint protection.

Washing sensitive paint finishes or surfaces wearing pre-existing protective waxes or sealants? Choose one of our pH neutral car shampoo solutions. All-in-one style products with car wax and shampoo are also becoming more and more popular, typically known as gloss boosting shampoos. Perfect when you want to clean, wash and protect in a single stage. If you have a ceramic sealant. We also offer matte shampoo products for matte, satin, or vinyl wrapped vehicles. These products deliver non-gloss enhancing properties and will not offer any unwanted shine.

There are many excellent car shampoo brands available, and some of the best include Autoglym, Bilt-Hamber, Chemical Guys, Meguiar's, SANSOM, and Swissvax. Autoglym offers a range of car shampoos and wax products, including their popular Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner. Bilt-Hamber is known for their pH neutral Auto-Wash, which provides a thorough clean and adds rust protection properties each and every wash. Two of the American giants Chemical Guys & Meguiars offer their popular Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo & Gold Class Car Wash respectively. Then we have the likes of Sansom, Nanolex, Gtechniq & even Kamikaze Collection offering car shampoos with very specific purposes of protecting coatings and paintwork. Swissvax is a luxury car care brand that offers a range of high-end car shampoos and wax products. Lately for the purest of car washes use a Pure Shampoo for no residue or left over detergents.

Using a car shampoo couldn’t be simpler, add the product to a bucket or foam dispenser at the manufacturer's required ratios and then apply to the car. For any car shampoo will require manual agitation to achieve the optimum results; for this use a high quality wash mitt or microfibre sponge with plenty of water as a lubricant to reduce swirling. It is always best to wash the car in the shad to prevent water spots and chemicals drying on the car's surface. Finally, rinse the car shampoo off with a pressure washer, for best results, or strong hose pressure.

It is important to avoid using household cleaning products such as washing up liquid, multi surface cleaners, or any other harsh chemicals on your car. However good these are at cleaning the car they will be damaging other surfaces such as plastic and rubber. Long term use can will strip protective coatings from the car and may lead to paint failure in a much quicker time than expected.

The safest thing to wash your car with is a dedicated car shampoo. Look for a pH-neutral car shampoo that is specifically formulated for use on automotive finishes. Or choose a shampoo designed for the purpose in mind, i.e. wax boosting or sealant protection. Always use plenty of water with your car shampoo and for the safest wash use a pre-wash before any physical contact. When it comes to washing your car, a touchless car wash is the safest option. Touchless car washing will use a combination of pre-cleaners, high lubricating shampoos and high-pressure water. This helps to prevent scratches and swirl marks that can occur with traditional car washes.