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Gloss Enhancing

Car shampoo, containing carnauba wax, boosts your car's gloss by adding a layer of protection and shine during the cleaning stage. If you have a layer of carnauba paste wax or hybrid wax already applied to your car's paintwork, your car wax shampoo will increase its longevity, so those 2 months of protection can easily become 3 or 4. The shampoo achieves this by maintaining the very top layer of hydrophobic properties given by the wax, filling in those small grooves created over time.

Can I use a wax shampoo on normal paintwork?

  • Even if you have no layers of protection on your car paintwork, it is still better to use a car shampoo with a wax or gloss boosting property. Not only will this make the car easier to clean, but will also leave behind a small layer of protection for the coming weeks. Autoglym's award-winning Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner is an example of one of the best shampoos, leaving behind rust inhibitors and a hydrophobic barrier all in one.

Can I use these shampoos on paintwork with a ceramic sealant?

  • For cars protected in a ceramic sealant, it would be best to use a pH-neutral shampoo or sealant friendly car shampoo. The wax properties in the other shampoos can clog the pores of the sealant and make them less effective overtime.