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Ceramic Coating Car Shampoo

If you have had your car coated in a ceramic sealant, you will want to make sure you are cleaning it with the correct products. Car ceramic sealant shampoos complement the glass coating with a combination of additives to increase the longevity of your sealant.

These car shampoos do this in one of three ways. Firstly, they can be "pure car shampoos" such as the UF Pure Shampoo. They contain no fillers or gloss enhancers, offering pure cleaning powers which will allow the sealant to do its job. Secondly, they could have sealant boosting properties; similar to those found in wax shampoos, they leave behind an additional layer of protection. In this case, it would be a synthetic sealant layer, which acts as a sacrificial layer between washes, protecting the base ceramic sealant further. Thirdly, they may have water spot removing properties, like those found in Anti-Aging Shampoo. Water spots can clog a ceramic sealant, rendering it ineffective at creating a hydrophobic layer, making the washing process more difficult.

Yes, all types of ceramic sealant shampoo will be suitable to use on unprotected paintwork. If however you are using another type of coating, such as a wax, you would only want to use those using the first 2 methods, pH-neutral or sealant boosting.

For warranty reasons, it is normally best to match the ceramic sealant and shampoo brands together. However, with many sealants having the same base chemicals, their equivalent shampoos are not too dissimilar. If the warranty has expired or there is a preferably ceramic shampoo that you want, it will not likely cause any problems to the ceramic sealant applied to your paintwork.

If you are unsure, please speak with one of the team at sales@theultimatefinish.co.uk or 01474 360 360.