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Car Detailing Drying Aids

Car rinse aid or paintwork drying aids, add hydrophobic properties to reduce water spotting and scratching during the drying process on your car paintwork. Browse the offerings from top detailing brands, spray directly onto the paintwork whilst wet to disperse most of the water which gives you a smoother surface for your drying towel, air dryer or water filter.

Research into paintwork scratches and swirls during a wash stage showed that a good proportion of these come during the drying stage. Understandably so when you think that during the wash stage, a car has constant lubrication with water and shampoo, but whilst drying, the paintwork will have no protection. Add a drying aid into the mix and you have created another barrier of protection.

Car rinse aids do more than just reducing swirls. They also stop water-spotting and make the paintwork surface slightly hydrophobic. If you use this in conjunction with water filters, car air blowers and a drying towel, you will achieve the best possible result. They can be used with just a water filter or air dryer. Ensure that they do not dry, so it is best to work panel by panel.