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Car Water Filter

Purified water gives you spot-free car wash. Using de-ionising water neutralises any impurities that may leave being residue that causes water spotting. With a selection of filters and sizes, we have a filter that will suite your needs when detailing or cleaning your car. There is nothing worse than completing your car wash at the weekend to find streaks and spots all over the paintwork; with a car water filter attached in-line with a regular hosepipe, you will enjoy the purest of final rinses and no water spots.

It is best to use a water filter at the end of the wash for a final rinse. There is no need to use filtered water during the cleaning stages as you are adding chemicals into the buckets or directly onto the paintwork which will leave streaks naturally. After you have pressure washed off all the normal cleaning residue, you then rinse the car one more time with the in-line water filter and normal mains pressure.

Water softeners traditionally are not the same as a water filter. Softeners stop limescale forming, but do this normally with an additional media added to the water that changes the chemical compositions of calcium and others alike. You may not get the same spots from a softener, but there will be a film left behind from the salt added to the water. A water filter physically removes these impurities, so they never get onto your car in the first instance.