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Car Detailing Polish - by Koch Chemie

Car paint correction by hand is a meticulous and rewarding process, allowing automotive enthusiasts and detailers to restore their vehicle's paintwork to a stunning, showroom-like shine. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice looking to enhance your car's appearance, this guide below will walk you through the essential products available on our site and techniques needed to achieve exceptional results. So if you are looking for the classic Autoglym Super Resin Polish, the American made Meguiars Polish or something new like Auto Finesse Renew we should have you covered.

Remember that once you have chosen the polishing steps for your car you also need the correct applicators and microfibres to complete the job.

Very simply – both, as they are two different steps. Polish – depending on the type selected (more info below) is to tackle the swirls, scratches, and overall shine of the paintwork. Wax – does also increase gloss levels, but its main objective is to great a hydrophobic layer for easier washing and a protective layer for a longer lasting shine. Think Polish – Prepare and Wax – Protect.

Polish will always come first if you are doing both steps but remember polish is only required if you are trying to remove/cover swirl marks. Wax is there to protect and enhance gloss further, so this can be repeated as many times as you would like.

Some yes, some no. We have more on the types of car polish below but essentially car polishes that have micro abrasives will remove scratches, those without (normally known as fillers) will fill in the scratches and hide them from view.

To achieve a flawless finish with the best car polish and scratch removers check out a small guide and descriptions on each type. Not every polish is created to do the same job as some users will have more time to polish their car and some may require a little more tender loving care to begin with.

Not all swirls and scratches require a machine polisher to be removed. Start the hand paint correction journey by addressing those pesky scratches and swirl marks that mar your car's paint. The best scratch removers, such as Meguiar's Ultimate Compound and Stjarnagloss Skara Gloss Polish, contain advanced abrasives that effectively diminish the appearance of light to moderate scratches. These remarkable products work like magic, gently erasing imperfections and leaving your paint looking revitalized. Most know this process as needing a bit of T-Cut, this is just a brand like Hoover, but technology has moved on a lot since the original T-Cut was released.

The standardised name for all car polishes, but tend to have less aggressive abrasives than “scratch removers” and maybe even a little filler to hide the slightly deeper scratches. It is best to tend to the scratches first with a scratch remover and then use a general car polish to bring out the shine and depth in your car's paint. Using a high-quality car polish, like Autoglym Super Resin Polish or Meguiar's Ultimate Polish, will help achieve that glossy, mirror-like finish you desire. The best car polishes not only enhance the paint's lustre, but many will create a thin layer which can protect against UV fade and light contamination. For best results, always follow up with a dedicated paint protective layer.

That classic, dry to a haze buff to a high shine product. Consider incorporating filler polish, also known as glaze polish, into your routine. Autoglym Super Resin Polish is the most known, with others such as Dodo Juice Fillet Bang and Meguiars Ultimate Polish offer fantastic options in this category. Filler polish contains special fillers that temporarily mask minor imperfections, such as swirl marks, fine scratches, and hazing, effectively evening out the paint surface and providing a smoother appearance. Most commonly used before a car wax to create a smooth surface for easier application.

To streamline your hand paint correction process, all-in-one glazes are the go-to solution. These versatile products, including Poorboy's Black Hole Show Glaze and Auto Finesse Ultra Glaze Polish, combining the benefits of cutting, polishing, and filling in one convenient package. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking efficiency without compromising on results, all-in-one glazes save time and effort while delivering remarkable outcomes. Some of these glazes may even contain a wax giving you a car wax polish all in one step.

Incorporating the best car polish, scratch remover, filler polish, and all-in-one glazes into your car paint correction arsenal is the key to achieving a flawless finish. Take pride in your meticulous efforts as you watch your car's paint transform from lacklustre to brilliant, capturing admiring glances wherever you go.