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Car Exterior Scratch Removers

Car scratch removers are a car owner's best friend when it comes to keeping their vehicle's paintwork in pristine condition. Whether dealing with light surface scratches or more stubborn marks, these products offer an effective and convenient solution to restore your car's flawless finish. With the products on offer below and a brief description, we'll explore the top-quality car scratch removers, including well-regarded options like Autoglym, Koch Chemie and Meguiar's, and delve into their unique benefits.

Firstly, scratch removers and car polish are the same thing and interchangeable descriptions. Car polish is the more general term which can cover anything from scratch removers to glazes, but effectively all are trying to achieve the same desired result, a shiny glossy car. A car paintwork scratch remover would be a specific car polish which contains abrasives; these abrasives cut away at the damaged paint lacquer to restore the paint finish with a smooth, swirl and scratch free finish.


Does WD-40 remove scratches?

  • No it doesn't. It will hide many scratches in certain light as it fills them in but remember as the product dries or eventually washes away the scratch will return. WD-40 is great at many things but not removing car scratches.

How can I fix scratches on my car at home?

Either by hand or by machine polisher, using a few different levels of abrasiveness you can both remove deeper scratches and swirls and restore the final high gloss finish. A simple 3 step process which can be repeated until the scratches are gone.

  • 1. Work in the abrasive polish in circular motions (hand or machine).
  • 2.Buff away the residue with a microfibre.
  • 3.Repeat if still visible, or move onto a lighter abrasive to increase gloss.

Does car scratch remover really work?

  • Yes, the mild abrasives found with in the car polish scratch remover physically remove the damaged lacquer to leave behind a smooth, glossy finish. If the scratch is too deep then you may be left with a smaller, lighter mark, but the area will still be improved greatly. The last thing to remember is a scratch remover can only correct marks which have not penetrated all the way through the paintwork. If the mark is very deep, a machine polisher may help speed up the process and take out a lot of the elbow grease.

The depth of the scratch is important, if it is too deep and effectively gone through the clear coat, then no matter how much you polish it can't come out. Any swirl or scratch which hasn't gone this deep will correct, but may take a longer time if it is indeed deeper. Another good use for a scratch remover is paint transfer. Sometimes if a car rubs up against another or even a bollard, the end result can just be a large amount of paint transfer between the two surfaces. A scratch remover will be able to gently polish this away to show you the true extent of the damage to your paintwork, sometimes none at all.

Browse the selection below, plus a few products scan be by machine too for that added level of correction. For a more several scratched or swirled car, it may be worth looking at the machine polishing section.