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Car Polishing Tools - by Scholl Concepts

Studio lighting, handheld detailing lamps, paint depth gauges, gloves, kit bags, polisher wall mounts and more.

Additional batteries and chargers for cordless rotary and dual action machine polishers.

You should always protect hands, hearing, eyes and lungs where needed in the workplace. This personal safety equipment is designed to make detailing and machine polishing safer. Using gloves for car detailing, kneeling pads for work and masks indoors is always advised. Day-to-day detailing means you're handling all different kinds of products. Having a good supply of disposable nitrile gloves is well advised.

Protect trim, britework, and other sensitive areas from chemicals and polishing compounds. Using the right kind of masking tape when detailing is always key and having a range of sizes always helps. With rubber-derived adhesives, detailing tape will not leave a residue. These kinds of tapes are often brightly coloured, such as our green masking tape for example. This will help you know exactly where to work up to and is unlikely to clash with the colour of the vehicle you're working on!

A polishing pad cleaning brush removes residues from all types of pad. Brush away traces of compound residue from foam, wool and microfibre polishing pads.

A storage or detailing bag is ideal for keeping all your favourite machine polisher kit in one place. Tuck your machine polisher, pads and compounds tidily away all ready for next time you need them. You'll often find handy side pockets in a detailing bag too. These are perfect for storing smaller accessories, like spot lights or tapes. You can pick up a car detailing bag in various sizes, all of which offer robust carry handles. This makes transporting products and equipment clean and simple if you're on the go.