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Car Paint Gloss Meters

Gloss, Haze & DOI Meters test the reflection or gloss level of your car's paintwork. With their advance sensors and processors, they also provide valuable pieces of data for a professional detailer. With the ability to show the changes in orange peel, distinctness of image (DOI), haze, texture, shade, and opacity on your own or customer's cars; these meters will really set an advance detailing studio apart from the rest.

The gloss meter is different from a paint depth gauge which will measure the thickness of lacquer, paint, and primer. These let you know how much "paint" there is to machine polish; whereas a gloss meter shows you how well you have polished it and the overall levels of gloss achieved.

What is car paintwork orange peel?

  • Orange peel is the "ripple" found in car paintwork which hasn't been perfectly flattened between each layer of primer, paint or lacquer applied to the surface. It is described as orange peel due to the similar look to an orange fruit skin. Orange peel can be removed via wet sanding if it is not too aggressive or caused by poor base layers. The result is a purer reflection, less scattered light, and overall a more impressive paintwork finish.