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Detailing Paint Depth Gauges

The second most import tool to any professional detailer is the paint depth or paint thickness gauge. Behind the machine polisher that actually does the work, the paint depth gauge is the only tool that can tell a detailer what they are working with. A paint depth gauge measures the distance between bare metal and the top clear coat. This determines the thickness of paintwork, essential when using machine polishers.

Are paint depth gauges just for professional?

  • No. Anybody machine polishing paintwork should know how much paint there is to polish. There would be nothing worse than investing in all the machine polishing gear, including pads and compounds to then burn through your car's paintwork because the lacquer was thinner than expected.

With a lot of smart paintwork repairs on even new cars, trusting that your cars' paintwork will be constant is no guarantee. As a home enthusiast, you don't need to invest in the top of the range paint depth gauges. The small investment into a gauge with a 10μm accuracy will give you peace of mind that when machine polishing, you know how much lacquer you have to start and how much has been removed.

Checkout our latest Nexdiag mobile smart paint depth gauges to keep track of all your car's paintwork on an app. If you're looking for the most accurate paint depth gauges on the market, the DFT Positest won't let you down with its ruby tip probe.