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Auto Finesse One Step Compound (250ml & 500ml)

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Auto Finesse One Step Compound
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All-in-one car detailing paint correction compound

A staple part of a truly thorough car detailing journey is the paint correction process, which can often involve using a number of different products to get the job done. This is where Auto Finesse One Step Compound comes into its own. Specially engineered to be used with a Dual-Action Machine Polisher, One Step Compound offers a cutting level of medium to coarse and finishes down to a near-perfect result.

Initially it performs as a heavy cut compound, using abrasives to then break down into a refining polish, all in one. This means you can effectively restore paintwork and remove swirls in a single stage. Auto Finesse One Step Compound doesn't contain any fillers or unnecessary additives, the resulting finish at the end of the process, is the true finish.

Features & Benefits:

  • One step cutting & finishing compound
  • Offers medium to coarse cutting power
  • Provides a 'true finish'
  • Specially designed for use with a Dual Action Machine Polisher
  • Contains diminishing abrasives
  • Ideal for quicker results when you are not looking to spend more than two days machine polishing

Directions for use:

  • Ensure the intended car for polishing is thoroughly cleaned and prepared
  • Add three spots of the One Step Compound to the pad
  • Flip the machine polisher onto the paintwork
  • Adjust the machine to the lowest speed setting and turn on, spreading the product out over a 2sq. ft area
  • Set the DPX to speed 4 and turn the machine on, adding a gentle amount of downward pressure, using a crosshatch motion, snake down the area from left to right and then right to left
  • Ensure to perform this stage twice over
  • Go back to the panel that still has product on and adjust the machine polisher speed to 3
  • Repeat the cross hatching twice over
  • Buff the product off to a gleaming finish

Sizes: 250ml & 500ml (Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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