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Stjarnagloss Glasyr Protective Glaze (500ml)

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Stjarnagloss Glasyr Protective Glaze (500ml)
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Revolutionary one-step protective car polish glaze

New from Stjärnagloss, Glasyr Protective Glaze is the latest in innovative paint renovation and glaze treatment. Translated, Glasyr means 'Rock hard, very slippery and as clear as glass' and in a nutshell this is how treated surfaces will look and feel following application, providing up to 4 months of protection. Glasyr works brilliantly on faded, dull and tired paintwork, helping to revive the cosmetic appearance of any car that is well overdue some attention. Easily applied and buffed off by hand, achieve showroom results in ultra-quick time with minimal stress. Glasyr will fill deep scratches with ease it will visually improve marring and swirls by up to 90%. It may not be a permanent fix for defects, but it certainly boosts overall gloss levels quite dramatically.

Features & Benefits:

  • One-step protective car paintwork glaze product
  • Transform, revive & protect dull or tired car paintwork
  • Easy to apply & flash off
  • Up to 4 months durability

Directions for use:

  • Ensure the intended surface is thoroughly de-contaminated and cleaned before applying Glasyr
  • Apply a few drops of Glasyr onto a dedicated polish applicator pad
  • Work the product on to the intended surface, first in horizontal lines, then in vertical lines, essentially creating a cross-hatching effect
  • Leave to dwell for a short period until the surface mists up
  • Buff the residue off using a clean, dry microfibre cloth

Size: 500ml

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