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Swissvax Lavish Shampoo (250ml & 470ml)

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Effective Paintwork Friendly Car Shampoo Concentrate

Swissvax Lavish Shampoo is an effective yet wax friendly shampoo. Its highly concentrated formula comprehensively breaks the bond between surface dirt and paintwork, allowing for effortless cleaning.

Prolonging the lifetime of your Swissvax Wax with regular washing, Swissvax Lavish Shampoo is effective on all paintwork and still friendly to waxes. The concentrated shampoo makes up to 300 litres of wash solution, a high concentrate shampoo helps lift and break down the dirt/grim bonds but still with plenty of water to act as a lubricant reducing swirls and scratches.


  • Dilution ratio 150:1
  • Breaks the bond between surface dirt and paintwork
  • Prolongs the life of wax finishes

How To Use:

  • Add at a dilution of 150 parts water to 1 part Lavish Shampoo to your wash bucket
  • Spray bucket with pressure washer or hose to "froth" solution
  • Use Swissvax Waschpudel to apply to the car from top to bottom in straight horizontal lines

Sizes: 250ml or 470ml (Select from drop down menu above)


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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