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UF Detailing Bucket Seat Lid (Red, Blue & Black)

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Ultimate Finish UF Detailing Bucket Seat Lid (Red, Blue & Black)
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Colour-Coded Seat Lid For Ultimate Finish Detailing Buckets.

These lids fit snugly over the Ultimate Finish 20 litre buckets to prevent dirt and leaves being blown into your wash water and to keep the bucket clean whilst not in use.

Constructed from a sturdy and durable plastic, once in place on the bucket they make an excellent seat — ideal for sitting on when cleaning low down, time-consuming areas such as wheels! Watch out though — these lids are designed for sitting on, not standing on!


  • 325mm Diameter
  • Colour coded for wash, rinse, and wheels detailing buckets
  • Strong sturdy plastic, can be sat on comfortably
  • Keep buckets clean and contamination free during storage
  • Store wash mitts, drying towels and brushes without them getting dirty
  • Fits UF Detailing Buckets

Colours: Red, Blue, Black

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