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Supertex® Indoor Car Covers

Supertex® is a man-made fabric with many beneficial qualities for protecting your vehicle. The soft fleece lining is fully breathable whilst being totally dust-proof. Not even the smallest dust particles will get through to your car or motorcycle. Additionally, Supertex® fibres do not absorb moisture – unlike cotton or natural fibre covers providing a basic level of water resistance - ideal for open-ended car-ports, barns, etc. Storage bag included.

  • 3 layers of protection
  • 100% dust-proof
  • Semi tailored shape for excellent fitting
  • Soft fleece lining to protect your vehicle
  • Fully breathable to avoid condensation
  • Available in a selection of colours
  • Elasticated ends for secure fitting
  • Protects your paintwork from potential scuffs & scratches

Which Cover Size Do I Need?