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ValetPRO Citrus Pre-Wash (1L & 5L)

Manufacturer: Valet PRO

Product Code: EC1-1L

Packed Weight: 1.20kg

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Our Price (inc VAT): £8.00


Customer Rating: five stars

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Tough On Traffic Film Easy On Wax.

ValetPRO's new and improved Citrus Pre-Wash removes tough traffic film but doesn't remove your wax or sealant at the same time. Use it prior to shampooing a vehicle to remove dirt such as grit, bugs and bird droppings.

The new formulation means it can also now be used as an all purpose cleaner and is suitable for cleaning interior surfaces such as carpets and vinyl.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pre-wash cleaner with excellent cleaning abilities
  • Will not strip wax or paint sealant
  • Effectively removes road grime, bug squash & bird droppings
  • Use over Supaguard, Diamond Brite or Jewel Ultra finishes
  • Can be used on vinyl interiors & carpets
  • Can be used with a pressure washer or pump sprayer
  • Pleasant orange fragrance

Dilute up to 1:10 in a pump spray. Pressure washer use gives a dilution of around 1:300.

Sizes: 1 Litre and 5 Litres (please select from drop down menu above)

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Product Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about this product - write your own review

Bye Bye Grease and Grime! four stars
by Joe, 29 Oct 2015

Great first stage to decontaminate the car with a super fresh smell. I use this in a pump spray bottle on the front of the car in the summer especially to rid those horrible beastie splats and tree saps if I've had to park under a tree. Easy to use and dilute to required strength so lasts a fair while when bought in 5ltr form. Just make sure it doesn't dry before you power wash off (black car on a warm day is not a great combination!) or you end up using a second dose. Starting with this, followed up with an Ultimate snow foam makes mince meat of any dirt / contamination meaning there's not usually much left to wash off the car and less to potentially harm the paint! Not tried it on any interior finishes but is an incredibly versatile product. I've even used it externally on the house windows with great sparkling results!

Top quality and versatile! five stars
by Trevor, 01 May 2015

Purchased Citrus Pre Wash after strong reviews online and I am using this as the first step of my car cleaning. Not having access to snow foam ability this product does a fantastic job. 10-1 dilution with warm water in to a pump spray dispenser and you can see it eating in to grime and muck. Friends have mocked me when I say that I use this before washing the car but several have been very surprised how easy this product makes cleaning the car. Smells pretty goood too. Used around the house as well. Used to clean the window sills that were neglected for 7 months and I literally could see the dirt just running off! Do yourself a favour and purchase the 5 litre bottle of this, if you dilute properly then it lasts!

Great product. five stars
by Dan, 30 Apr 2015

This has replaced snow foam as it's easy to use and always works great. Nearly through my second bottle and will order again when that's empty.

Smells better than most four stars
by Tim T K Mobile Valet, 30 Nov 2014

I bought this to try out over the winter months as I have heard its a very good cleaner. The key is leaving it to dwell for several minutes on your paint to get to work. I have used it through a foam lance and a pump sprayer, it cleans of road grime and leave the lower sills cleaner for a hand wash. Added bonus is that it can be used on the interior too although I haven't used it that way yet. It smells amazing and it lasts all the time you wash the car.

five stars
by Alan, 26 Nov 2014

The VP citrus pre wash is a fantastic product. It's great value for money as it can be diluted up to 300x (in a PW). I generally us this as the name suggests, as a pre-wash before washing the bodywork. I use a pump sprayer and dilute 1:10 with warm water. This seems to activate the PW and it gets to work straight away on any road grime. Leave to dwell and the power wash off and the car is really clean to begin the hand wash (I'm not a foam guy but this could be incorporated into the process). That's not all though, it's great on wheels as a pre wash to get the bulk of the grime off and also can be used on the interior on stubborn stains/upholstery. Depending on the filthiness of your car, you can also make the solution stronger by diluting less if the need takes you. I've also started using this to clean my mountain bike and again it does an excellent job. So if your looking for a pre wash treatment that can be used in so many other applications, lok no further than VP Citrus pre-wash. What a fantastic product.

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