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Volkswagon Golf GTD - Kieran Danby

Entered for the August 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Kieran Danby

Make: Volkswagon

Model: Golf GTD

Year: 2014

Viewed: 3904 times.

Votes/Comments: 30

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Volkswagon Golf GTD
Volkswagon Golf GTD
Volkswagon Golf GTD
Volkswagon Golf GTD

Products Used

How Kieran Used Our Products

Whilst I am no expert, I do enjoy cleaning cars and over the years and with the help from the Ultimate Finish Blogs I now get the results worthy of the amount of time I spend on the drive. I hope you enjoy reading my technique and are kind enough to vote because of the effort I put in and the photos I posted from a busy Sunday mornings work!


I think this is the most important part of cleaning the car. Cleaning the exhaust, scrubbing the inside of the wheel arches and door shuts wheels first makes it easier to clean the body work, especially when it is sunny and the soap dries as your trying to wash the car.

  • To start with I clean the exhaust tips using the Meguirs NXT metal polish. I do this first because it is easier to use when they are dry. I never used to bother these until I noticed them one day and realized how much of a difference they made when clean.
  • I then spray the car with Bilt-Hamber Korrosol. I am always surprised at how much brake dust and metal ends up on the bonnet and boot after a week or two so I love to see the effect this has. (Tip) I also spray the wheels with Korrosol before I washed them using Valet PRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner.
  • Whilst I allow the Korrosol to work I spray the wheels with Valet PRO Bilberry Wheel Cleaner so it has time to work against the brake dust. To get between the spokes of the alloy wheels I use a long reach wheel brush. I thought black wheels would be easier to keep clean! I use a diluted mixture of G-Wash to help clean the wheels and to get the last bits of brake dust off.
  • With a clean bucket of soap and water I then go around the car cleaning in all of the hard to reach areas using the ValetPRO Large Sash Brush. (tip) I find this is useful around the make and model badges and for getting in between the grills and details around the front of the car.
  • Then I fully rinse the car off with the spray nozzle of the hose.
  • I spray the door shuts, engine plastics and seals with Bilt-Hamber Surfex HD and rinse after cleaning them using the ValetPRO Large Sash Brush.

Washing /Drying

  • then wash the whole car with Gtechniq G-Wash using a Microfibre Madness Incredimitt and by following the Two Bucket Method. I cannot believe that I only used to use a sponge and a bucket and did not realize what a big difference it made to minimize swirls and scratches. I wash the car from the top down one panel at a time making sure it is rinsed before starting the next. (tip) When I wash the soap off I use the open end of the hose as I found the water clears quickly making it easier to dry.
  • After using the Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Bar and rinsing off (again with an open ended hose), I dry the car using a soft G-techniq Zero Scratch Microfibre Drying Towel.
  • Rather than wiping the car I dab it, again to reduce the amount of fine scratches there are.

Polish and Wax

Until I get myself a DA polisher I will continue to apply all of my waxes and sealants by hand.

  • I have used the Autoglym Super Resin Polish for many years now. Whilst it does have a certain amount of cutting properties I use it because it reduces the appearance of scratches and swirls. I only polish one panel at a time to make sure that it does not dry on as I have found it can get quite dusty if left on the car.
  • The final surface protection I use now is AutoGlym HD Wax as it seems to last two or three months. I do allow this cure so I apply to half of the car each time before buffing off. This way it is left long enough to take effect but not too long to cause dusting.


  • There are no magic techniques used inside the car just a good hoover and various nozzles and the Poorboys Natural Look interior dressing which I apply a small amount of with a micro fibre cloth. (tip) This stuff is a nightmare of you get it on the instrument binnacles and glass so be careful!).
  • I then clean all of the glass (inside and out) using the Autoglym Fast Glass.

Finishing touches

  • I then use the Bumper and Trim Gel around the side skirts and grill details on the front of the car as the Korrosol and Surfex HD tend to dull the plastics.
  • The wheel sealant is a must with the Black Alloy wheels and also helps to prevent the brake dust. I have always regretted not putting this on when the alloys are particularly dirty as I am sure it stops the brake dust from sticking to the wheels.
  • I carefully apply the T1 Tyre N Trim for the tires using a small sponge to make sure I don’t get any on the alloy wheel.
  • Finally, I treat the inside of the arches and rear axle with Chemical Guys Bare Bones. That’s it really. Just a bit of care, a little effort and a lot of time!

I hope you will vote for me to show your appreciation. Thank you.

Comments from Voters

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  • Car is always spotless

  • Fantastic job

  • Wow u work hard to get that finish!

  • Good luck K

  • Looks great, very shiny.

  • Looks amazing!

  • Beautiful work.

  • I am impressed with the quality of the clean

  • beautiful

  • Nice finish

  • Cracking job!!

  • Very very good.

  • Very good photos and regime

  • excellent finish

  • The alloy wheels look incredible!

  • Fabulous!!

  • Fantastic job, it looks amazing!

  • Very shiny car :o)

  • Very impressive, excellent job

  • Fantastic!!

  • Super shiny, well done :)

  • shiny

  • So shiny!

  • Looks really lovely, and puts mine to shame!

  • This guy sure uses quality products & puts the time in to get a result-it looks a worthy winner to m

  • Amazing work

  • Loving the methodical approach to getting the top results you are achieving.

  • Good Job

  • Looks to be a very impressive finish , dedication to the task has obviously paid off

  • Great reflections

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