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BMW 116d M-Sport - Max Stocker

Entered for the December 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Max Stocker

Make: BMW

Model: 116d M-Sport

Year: 2013

Viewed: 3299 times.

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BMW 116d M-Sport
BMW 116d M-Sport
BMW 116d M-Sport
BMW 116d M-Sport

Products Used

How Max Used Our Products

Wheels & Arches: Wheels were cleaned with Valet Pro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner and CarPro Iron X. Then clayed with Bilt-Hamber Auto Clay Soft, and protected with Autoglym Alloy Wheel Seal. Arches were sprayed with Meguiars APC then rinsed off.

Pre Wash: Car was foamed with an Autobrite lance and Autobrite Magifoam. Shuts and gaps brushed with Valet Pro Large Sash Brush whilst still foamy. Rinsed off the foam after around 15 mins.

Wash: Washed using Gtechniq G Wash & 2 Meguiars Lambs wool mitts (two bucket method). I used Autoglym Intensive Tar remover and CarPro Iron X on stubborn areas. Left the car wet to act as a clay lube for later.

Engine: Engine bay sprayed with Autoglym Engine & Machine Cleaner, left for 5 mins, agitated and rinsed off.

Pre Polish: All paintwork and glass was clayed using Bilt-Hamber Auto Clay Soft, I like this as you only require water as a lube. I chose a soft clay as the car is never too dirty and doesn’t require a harder clay. Gave the car an IPA wipedown to remove any old wax and polish, to ensure the surface was clean. Washed car for a second time, again with Gtechniq G Wash, then dried with a couple of Monster Microfibre Purple Monster Edgeless XL towels. I then prepped the car for polishing, taped up plastics and badges using 3M 3434 masking tape.

Polish: I wanted to achieve a good shine rather than any correction, so I used a DAS-6 DA with 3M Ultrafina SE Blue pad and Autoglym Super Resin Polish (SRP). Residue removed with a Sonus Der Wunder Buffing Towel. Once all panels were polished I lightly rinsed the car to remove any polish powder that was left. Dried again with Monster towels.

Wax: Decided to go with Autoglym HD wax, applied with the supplied Autoglym HD applicator pad. I applied two coats of wax with an hour in-between them.

Finishing Touches: After another hour I sprayed a layer of Autoglym Rapid Detailer to give an extra layer of shine and protection. Meguiars Endurance applied on tyres and exterior plastics and Autosol Metal Polish on the exhaust pipe.

Glass: Interior and exterior glass cleaned with Gtechniq G6 Perfect Glass, buffed with a Sonus Der Wunder Buffing Towel. Exterior glass coated with Gtechniq G1 Clear Vision.

Interior: Interior plastics and dash cleaned with Gtechniq C6 Matt Dash, buffed with a microfibre cloth. All hovered out, then finally vents and gaps cleaned with a shaving brush! Also numerous cups of tea in-between all of these stages!

All done! Thanks for reading!

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