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Car glass specifically the windscreen is so important to keep clean; driving around with a dirty windscreen can severally impact your ability to see obstacles or other hazards. A good quality glass cleaner and glass cloth will make light work of keeping your car's windscreen and glass spotless. Glass cleaners are not just for the exterior of your car but can also be used on the interior where we can get build up of moisture.

The exterior glass can easily become contaminated and unlike the paintwork, which is cleaned for more cosmetic reasons in the short term; it is import that we remove the dirt from the glass swiftly for safer driving. A car glass cleaner spray is a key product to have in your detailing armoury. Team one up with a dedicated microfibre, and you'll soon have spotless windows all round. Whether it is a professional glass cleaner or a shower glass cleaner, we have an option. Window glass cleaners often provide the all important finishing touch during car care. A glass and surface cleaner removes fingerprints, water spot marks and more, leaving nothing but a streak-free finish. Spray glass cleaner onto the surface and wipe off for crystal clear glass.

The simple glass cloth holds as much importance to achieving clean glass as any product. Specialist glass cleaning cloths are weighted to offer easy and effective glass cleaning. This means that when pairing glass cleaning cloths with a glass cleaner, the results will be 100% optical clarity. Use our glass cleaning cloths for a streak free finish to your windscreen, no more lint left behind after using your favourite glass cleaner.

What is the best glass cleaner?

  • Two things to consider when purchasing a glass cleaner, how frequently do you clean the glass and has it got a glass sealant applied to it. If less frequent you need a stronger glass cleaner that may leave some smearing the first time you use it but on a second application with a clean cloth will leave you a cleaner finish. If more frequently and potentially with a sealant applied you require a glass cleaner with high alcohol content to reduce smearing immediately or even and added hydrophobic top up. Remember high alcohol reduces smearing but also reducing cleaning power. Stronger cleaners can leave residue but will break down oil and grime much easier; a combination of the two is the best way to go.

Which microfibre glass cloth should I choose?

  • With so many microfibre cloths for cars available, choosing the right window cloth makes a big difference. Many professional window cleaning cloths come with a waffle weave structure. This allows for a better 'bite' and greater ability to work on larger surface areas. Window cleaning cloths with zero pile are also very popular, offering a lint free finish.

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