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M-Seal Micro Finish Factory Paint Sealant (473ml)

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Chemical Guys M-Seal Micro Finish Factory Paint Sealant -Protection System (473ml)
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High Gloss Shine & Durable Paint Protection.

Looking for a shiny, protective finish for your vehicle? Chemical Guys M-Seal Micro Finish Factory Paint Sealant delivers high gloss levels for all colours of paintwork whilst providing up to six months protection from the element.

M-Seal is a fully-synthetic cross-linking acrylic formula which bonds with paintwork, creating a protective shield against heat, UV, road grime, salts, environmental and industrial fallout. Easy to use, simply wipe on and buff off - no curing time required!

Features & Benefits:

  • Protects paintwork from industrial & environmental contamination
  • Treated surfaces repel water, dirt, oils, bug squash, tree sap, etc.
  • Blended with nano-particles for extra durability
  • Safe for use on paintwork, glass, clear plastics & polished metals
  • Easy to use: wipe on, buff off
  • Apply by hand or machine

Directions for use:

By Hand:

  • Apply 1 - 3 lines of M-Seal to a foam or microfiber applicator pad
  • Spread over painted panels in a thin, even coat
  • Buff with microfibre towel to remove residue
  • Once removed, apply a second layer to ensure 100% even coverage

By Machine:

  • Use with a dual-action (DA) polisher and soft foam finishing pad
  • Apply 5 - 7 pea-sized dots of M-Seal to foam pad
  • Spread evenly over paintwork using speed settings 1 -3
  • Buff residue with a soft microfiber towel

Technical Specification:

  • UV protection: Yes
  • Carnauba: No
  • Sealant: Yes
  • Hand application: Yes
  • Machine application: yes
  • Scent: Vanilla
  • Safe for all colours: Yes

Size: 473ml

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