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Menzerna Polishing Compounds

Menzerna Polishing Compounds. Originally established in 1888 in Pforzheim, Germany by Friedrich Menzer, Menzerna polishing compounds were predominantly used in the jewellery industry. Since then, Menzerna has grown to become an internationally recognised brand, with many different types of compounds and polishes formulated to provide automotive finishing professionals with a perfect and true result, every time.

Silicone and filler free, Menzerna compounds produce a true result, whilst their innovative formulations work brilliantly on the scratch resistant paint finishes typical of German automotive manufacturers, as well as softer paint finishes such as Japanese car marques. As the machine polishing trend has grown, Menzerna polishes and compounds have become popular with car care enthusiasts keen to keep their vehicles’ paintwork in showroom condition. For both professionals and enthusiasts, Menzerna delivers the right product for every application.