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Dodo Juice Depth Charge (500ml)

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Dodo Juice Depth Charge (500ml)
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Heavy Cut Deep Polish

Whilst it won't replace a heavy cut compound, Dodo Juice Depth Charge does have a good working time, finishes down well and cuts extremely well with microfibre pads. Depth Charge has mid/higher cut properties making it perfect for most types of modern paint with medium to hard finishes (German cars, French cars, Fords and Vauxhalls etc). Perfect if you want to maximise the finish of your car before applying your final wax or sealant, this is a one-step solution that is easily applied by hand or machine.

Features & Benefits:

  • One-step, heavy cutting, deep polish
  • Ideal for harder paint finishes
  • Medium/heavier cut (mid/high)
  • Suitable for hand or machine application

Size: 500ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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