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Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant (100ml)

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Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant (100ml)
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Hydrophobic Sealant Repels Water & Dirt From Car Glass

Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant forms a completely transparent, effective barrier against rain, snow, sleet and more to make driving in testing conditions much easier, significantly reducing the requirement for using wiper blades and screen wash.

Urban Glass Sealant contains anti-stick properties meaning dirt will not adhere to the car glass surfaces, with the hydrophobic nature of the formulation causing rain drops to disperse quickly from the surface at driving speeds in excess of 35kph / 20mph. This makes Urban Glass Sealant the perfect product to use for drivers who spend most of their journey driving in urban surroundings. The outstanding durability of this product also means that just one layer of coating will last around 6000km or 3700 miles.

Features & Benefits:

  • High performance glass sealant product
  • Suitable for use on all car glass surfaces
  • Protective film

Directions for use:

  • Shake the product well before use and ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned
  • Take a soft cotton cloth/makeup pad and apply a few drops of the sealant on to the chosen applicator (begin with a small amount, a little product goes a long way)
  • Moisten all intended windows evenly with firm pressure on the pad
  • Once applied correctly you will see a light veil on the windows
  • Polish away the grey veils after waiting a minimum of 5 minutes using a clean microfiber cloth
  • Once the windows are polished, avoid touching them and protect from humidity
  • Polish the windshield and windows again with a lint free cloth to remove the last grey veil-residue, turning the used cloth frequently
  • Curing period directly after polishing the sealant is dry and resistant against touching. At normal ambient temperature the sealant is completely cured after approximately 2 hours

Size: 100ml

Download: How To Use Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant Guide

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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