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Pyramid Car Care Carbon Glass Coating v2 (50ml)

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Pyramid Car Care Carbon Glass Coating v2 (50ml)
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Car Glass Coating Offering Up To 12 Months Protection.

Just like all of the Pyramid Car Care range, Carbon Glass Coating v2 was tested and developed by professional detailers, meaning the quality of the product and the ease at which it can be used is superb. Offering up to 12 months of durable protection, Carbon Glass Coating v2 bonds to a car's glass surfaces and creates a layer of protection that will ensure any moisture that comes into contact with the surface is more inclined to run-off at great speed. Make driving in testing rainy conditions safer and increase the level of vision you have available to you once fully coated.

Features & Benefits:

  • Durable car glass coating product
  • Up to 12 months protection
  • Makes coated surface very hydrophobic
  • Creates prolific water run-off
  • Latest version contains added wiper resistance properties
  • Easy to apply

Technical Information:

  • VOC-free - No
  • Solvent based - Yes
  • Flammable - No
  • Durability - 12 Months
  • pH tolerance - pH 4-12
  • Thickness layer - 1μm
  • Hardness - 7h
  • Coverage - 30ml = 3 medium-sized cars
  • Buff Time - 15 seconds
  • Initial Cure - 4 hours
  • Full Cure - 3 days

Directions for use:

  • Prior to using Pyramid Car Care Carbon Glass v2, always ensure that the intended glass surface is thoroughly washed and dried. It is also recommended to use a clay bar and a glass cleaner to help remove any microscopic contamination, along with stripping any existing sealants or repellents with an IPA
  • Apply 6-8 drops of Carbon Glass v2 to a microfibre applicator pad
  • Apply the product in a criss-cross pattern 1 window pane at a time
  • It is recommended to apply to the windscreen and rear screen in 2 sections per application
  • Allow the coating to bond to the glass surface for 15 seconds
  • Wipe away any excess product residue with a clean, dry microfibre cloth
  • Buff the glass surface with a second, clean and dry microfibre cloth
  • Repeat the process by applying a second layer
  • Allow the coating 4 hours to cure before exposing the surfaces to water
  • Do not wash or use any chemicals for at least 72 hours following application
  • Do not use de-icer or similar on the glass once it has been coated

Size: 50ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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