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Ford Roush Mustang - Steven Penfold - Winner August 2016

Entered for the August 2016 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Steven Penfold

Make: Ford

Model: Roush Mustang

Year: 2011

Viewed: 3132 times.

Votes/Comments: 32

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Ford Roush Mustang
Ford Roush Mustang
Ford Roush Mustang
Ford Roush Mustang

Products Used

How Steven Used Our Products

Just some background - the car is cleaned on the driveway due to length of hose pipe from the rear garden, so space is a bit tight and front windows and rubbish bins always get a good covering of snow foam. I normally clean the car the day before any shows and start by using Ultimate Snow Foam applied with a Karcher K5 leaving in on the car for about five minutes before rising with water via the Karcher Pressure Jet Washer using the Vario Power Jet attachment, tend not to use it on full power as you can adjust the setting on the lance between max and min.

Using two buckets with grit guards the car is washed by hand with the wash mitt and Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, shampoo is in one bucket the other has pain water. Mitt is loaded with shampoo and one panel on the car is washed, the mitt is then rinsed in the clear water before loading again with shampoo form the other bucket. Car is always cleaned early morning before any sunshine has a chance to warm the bodywork of the car that way I can completely clean the whole car using this two bucket method. Once finished the car is then rinsed down with water via the Karcher Pressure Washer. Car is dried by using the Dodo Juice Drying Towel, really just a case of lying the towel on the car and it just sucks up any remaining water droplets on the car. Complete applying the car to all car panels until the car is dried.

Using the pads supplied with the Autoglym High Definition Wax, slightly dampen the pad apply the wax and apply in a straight back and forward movement, very little pressure is required. Doing one panel at a time starting with the roof and working down. Remove the wax with a clean dry mircofibre cloth again using a back and forward movement to leave a perfect finish on the bodywork. Taking care not to apply the polish to any other trim or stripes on the car. The black trim on the car was cleaned in the same way and then finished with Gtechniq Panel Wipe before applying C4 Permanent Trim Restorer following manufactories instructions. This has resorted the trim to a deep black finish which now helps keep dirt at bay.

Rubber trim on door seal and windows is treated with Swissvax seal feed, small amount applied by a finger, making sure to keep applying in the same direction to resort and bring rubber back to factory finish. This is applied everytime I clean the car which has help to maintain the finish and well worth the money as a little goes a long way.

Using an old black plastic bucket I mix up about 15ml Stardrops ARC with 5litres of water and wash the tyres and alloy wheels with an old microfibre cloth before drying with another microfibre cloth. Once alloys are dried they are protected with Autoglym Wheel Protector.

The engine bay is also cleaned with a fresh mixture of Stardrops and dried the same way. The stripes on the car are cleaned the same as the bodywork of the car but when dry are protected with Autoglym Instant Show Shine and a microfibre cloth.

The above is normally sufficient to get the car clean and ready for a final polish once at a car show. Once the car is parked up ready to show the California Car Duster is very lightly moved over the whole car removing any dust. Cleaning one panel at a time I use Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer to bring back the shine on the car and remove any markers that it may have picked up.

Black trim is given a coat of Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber Care, again only a small amount applied directly to a microfibre cloth and rubbed in one direction on the trim. The engine bay is also given a spray of the V&R care and left to dry. Any painted parts of the engine bay are polished with the quick detailer. All glass is cleaned and polished with Koch-Chemie Speed Glass Cleaner and MM Glass Towel which will do a perfect job of cleaning the windows inside and out.

Tyres are treated with Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel, make sure you use the Applicator Pad and only apply a small amount at a time to the pad and wipe around the tyre. Too much Gel will do nothing to the final finish but will splash up the bodywork of the car when driven at speed.

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  • Cool S197

  • What a car

  • Good luck

  • Lovely car

  • Great looking car

  • good on you Steve

  • Dad would have loved this car

  • Nice car bro

  • Sweeet ride

  • Nice wheels man

  • I want one of these!!!

  • Ponies rule

  • Great car - good review of products

  • Like red and very clean car

  • Gorgeous car and well looked after

  • Very Nice

  • Awesome car Steve

  • Winner winner chixken dinner

  • That mustang looks amazing. Well done, great job. Deserves to win X

  • A very nice and good looking car

  • This really has the ultimate shine and does all mustangs proud!!

  • Great looking mustang FTW

  • Nice colour and I like the write up

  • Nice Roush.

  • Top stang!

  • Steve is a perfectionist and his Mustang is a fine example of his work and dedication.

  • Mean looking car

  • A mustang with a caring owner,who loves to see it shining.By using the right cleaning materials.

  • Nice write up

  • Steve has a passion for cleaning this car until it is immaculate!

  • Nice looking car

  • Great write-up, gorgeous Mustang!

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