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Auto Finesse - The Art Of Detailing

Auto Finesse - The Art Of Detailing

Launched in 2010, Auto Finesse is a range of car care products created by professional detailer, James Batty. As a professional, James appreciated that products should be easy to use, perform brilliantly and provide outstanding value for money. To this end, Auto Finesse developed a range to incorporate all the stages necessary to achieve that 'showroom' look for your vehicle. From decontamination and wash, right through to the wax and sealant final step products.

Auto Finesse understood that, for the car care enthusiast, machine polishing could be daunting. Their answer was to develop an easy-to-use, colour-coded three-stage machine polishing system. ‘Revitalise’ simplifies the machine polishing process, removing the ‘fear factor’ for those amateur enthusiasts looking to achieve the best possible results for their paintwork.

Boasting an impressive collection of carnauba waxes, Auto Finesse developed a selection designed to cater for all pockets, situations and environments. From the entry-level Temptation, the everyday Essence right through to Illusion Show Wax and Desire, their most exclusive wax, each one has been created using the finest ingredients and essential oils to ensure the ultimate in gloss and performance.

Available in a selection of sizes, from 250ml to 5-litre containers, Auto Finesse delivers hard-working products at great prices!