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Rainforest Rub Soft Wax (30ml & 250ml)

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Dodo Juice Rainforest Rub Soft Wax (250ml)
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The Original Dodo Juice Soft Wax.

Rainforest Rub is an easy to use blend of carnauba wax and candelilla wax, providing a level of depth of shine, warmth and durability usually associated with more expensive waxes.

The soft wax formulation is best applied by putting a baked-bean sized piece of wax in your palm and rubbing your hands together to release the natural oils. Then simply smooth over a panel, allow to cure and then buff with a clean microfibre. And the fresh watermelon smell makes it one of the nicest waxes to work with!

Before applying a wax, always ensure paintwork is properly prepared with either Lime Prime or Lime Prime Lite.

Key Ingredients:

Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax

Sizes: 30ml & 250ml (Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

David Timms - MirrorFinish
four stars 16 Jul 2009


I am a true Dodo fan, but that does not mean I am biased. For a canuaba wax dodo has always been an easily applied and amazingly hard wearing, high content canauba wax. Naturally the Supernatural Premium Wax was my most used on clients cars, but due to the cost of it, maybe not always cost effective to offer. So I went for Rainforest Rub, and I have to say the difference is noticable to me, but for 30 quid who cares? I would say on a properly prepped car it takes 2 coats of the Rainforest Rub for it to give the glossiness of the supernatural but the variety of cars I have used it on is endless and always a first class finish still, well worth it. Also if you have a grey or dark green car, (Porsche GT3/Mini Cooper S/Aston Martin, etc) it's actually amazingly good especially on them, whether that was its intention or not...

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