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Shear Genius Fine and Heavy Grade Clay Combo (2x 50g)

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Dodo Juice Shear Genius Fine and Heavy Grade Clay Combo (2x 50g)
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Multi-grade fine & heavy detailing clay bars

Combining Dodo Juice's yellow fine grade poly clay with the new heavy grade green clay (for extra bite), this double offering provides an extremely versatile paint decontamination clay combo. Perfect for softer paints, the fine clay will effortlessly remove contaminants with ease in tandem with a clay lubricant. Whilst the heavier grade green clay will work on more stubborn and aggressive contaminants using the extra 'bite' provided.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 x Easy Glider Fine Grade Detailing Clay - 50g
  • 1 x Mother Plucker Heavy Grade Detailing Clay - 50g

Features & Benefits:

  • Clay combo, excellent for removing light or aggressive contaminants
  • Fine grade clay recommended for softer paints and light contamination
  • Heavy grade clay with extra 'bite', more suitable on harder paints and heavier contamination
  • Clay glides effortlessly across surfaces in tandem with lubricant
  • Prepares paintwork for the next detailing phase
  • Includes durable case for safe storage

Directions for use:

  • Ensure vehicle is washed thoroughly
  • Spray lubricant onto area to be treated (Dodo Juice Born Slippy Clay Lube is recommended)
  • Glide the clay bar over the lubricated area. Always ensure surfaces are well lubed to ensure clay can pass over smoothly (Heavy Grade Detailing Clay can cause marring if insufficient lubricant is used)
  • Buff residue off with a clean, dry Microfibre
  • Fold the clay bar once one a panel is treated to ensure contaminants are not dragged across the next surface

Size: 2x 50g

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