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Car Metal Protection

Remove tarnish, contamination, and soot from metal surfaces from a car. Treat surfaces such as aluminium, polished steel and other metals. Once you've cleaned your metal, finish with a metal sealant. A sealant product will help to inhibit future build up and protect from rust. Chrome mirrors, chrome exhausts, chrome wheels – just a few areas that can be brought back to life.

A metal sealant will protect metal components on a car, such as chrome, aluminium and polished steel. Protected surfaces will help prevent general tarnishing. oxidisation and other contamination. Using a specialist metal sealant for cars is particularly worthwhile on older vehicles.

Protect chrome, aluminium, polished steel and other metals from tarnish, oxidation, and contamination build-up with a designated metal sealant.

Rust remover products remove rust from metal and also halt the development of rust. Remove rust from metal and protect from further rusting of various components on a car. Use rust remover for metal on the underside of a vehicle or any visible area of a vehicle needing attention.

Rust remover spray presents an easy way to treat areas requiring attention. To remove rust from a car underside, you can even spray certain products upside down! Other metal rust remover products come in a gel form. This is particularly good for the removal of rust from metal covering a larger surface area.