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EXO v3 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating (30ml & 50ml)

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Gtechniq EXO v3 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating
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Hydrophobic Protection Made Even Better!

Gtechniq's EXO v2 highly hydrophobic sealant has proven particularly popular, ever since its release. For some time, Gtechniq has been researching and developing formulas to further enhance the performance of EXO.

Unlike the current hybrid inorganic/organic v2 coating, the new version of EXO is a non-hybrid organic coating. This formula cures much harder and is, therefore, more resistant to water spotting. In recent months, EXO v3 has been given to Gtechniq-Accredited Detailers to evaluate its performance with real-world testing. The results speak for themselves!

Key Features:

  • Significantly easier to apply than EXO v2
  • Provides the same great gloss as EXO v2
  • Provides the same high levels of slickness as EXO v2
  • Beading on par with EXO v2
  • Enhanced durability particularly on high road grime areas such as sill & wheel arches

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides a high level of gloss to automotive paintwork
  • Highly hydrophobic - repels water & waterborne contamination
  • Incredible slickness - repels dirt & oils
  • Cures within 12 hours
  • Forms very strong, covalent bond with surface for extra durability
  • Resists water spotting
  • Can be used as a stand-alone coating
  • For ultimate paintwork protection, use after applying C1 Crystal Lacquer or Crystal Serum Light
  • Professionals - use over Crystal Serum to provide CS Black service for customers
  • Download: How To Use Guide

Technical Specification Comparison EXO v2 / EXO v3:

  • Thickness (microns): 0.5 / 0.5
  • Pencil hardness: 2H / 7H
  • Contact angle: 115-125 degrees / 110-120 degrees
  • Temperature resistance: 150 degrees C / 300 degrees C
  • Chemical resistance (pH): 4-10 / 3-13
  • Typical durability: 18 months / 24 months

Sizes: 30ml & 50ml (Select from drop down menu above)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

Michael Satterley
four stars 26 May 2018

Great finish

Tried this product on a dry day with a forecast of no rain for 24 hours. It was easy to apply and gives a great long lasting finish. Use Panel wipe with a microfibre cloth after polishing and before applying Exo.

Michael Satterley
two stars 28 Jul 2017


I haven't tried this product yet as the instructions on the box advise" To apply EXOv3 your vehicle must be indoors and remain indoors for at least 12 hours after application". If UF had included this in their blurb, I wouldn't have bought as I, like a lot of people, do not have large enough indoor facilities. Perhaps UF could include info like this if they continue to sell to amateur Joe public. On the whole extremely pleased with UF, just need to remember your audience.

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