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Auto Finesse Caramics Shampoo (500ml)

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Strong, pH neutral car detailing shampoo

Perfect for maintenance washes, the Caramics Shampoo will help to maintain your ceramic coating during the contact wash stage. whilst gently cleaning all exterior surfaces from dirt and grime.

Using its rich, powerful solution, it is particularly effective on road grime and using its unique composition of next-generation ingredients actively boosts ceramic coatings. On top of that, Caramics Shampoo also adds yet another layer of Si02 ceramic protection each and every time you wash.

Offering enhanced protection, enhanced gloss and enhanced water beading characteristics, Caramics Shampoo is ideal for keeping your exterior surfaces looking good at all times.

Features & Benefits:

  • Powerful pH neutral car shampoo
  • Will not strip any pre-existing wax or sealant layers
  • Safe for use on all external car surfaces
  • Actively boosts protective layers
  • Adds & intensifies gloss levels
  • Delivers a Rich, deep cleaning solution

Directions for use:

  • Pre-wash surfaces to remove the harshest of dirt from surfaces first
  • Shake Caramics Shampoo thoroughly before use
  • Add four- or five capfuls of the product to your wash bucket and top up with fresh water
  • Using the two-bucket method, work around the entire vehicle from top to bottom
  • Consistently cleanse the wash mitt in the rinse bucket before loading up with more solution from the wash bucket
  • Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with clean water and dry immediately using a soft drying towel or electric drying aid

Size: 500ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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