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Auto Finesse Clear Bucket & Dirt Guard (Single)

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Clear Buckets For Finesse

Auto Finesse Clear Buckets are engineered using heavy-duty, industrial-grade materials for long durability to ensure it will withstand a lifetime of professional use.

At a 20-litre capacity, you can ensure the correct dilution ratios for even the most concentrated car shampoo; What's more with such a large volume of water, it reduces the chance of dirt recirculation back into your wash mitt. The extra-large Auto Finesse Detailer Bucket is emblazoned with their classic logo and finished in a transparent colour-way for increased visibility.

The Detailing Clear Buckets are supplied with a vibrant dirt guard to stop the dirt stuck at the bottom returning to your wash mitt.

It is recommended to have two buckets, one for washing and one for rinsing. Either double up on the clear or reach for an alternative such as the Black Detailing Bucket for easy identifiers. The classic two bucket wash has been a staple in keeping paintwork as swirl-free as possible. It also ensures your wash mitts and pads last longer as the dirt is being rinsed with fresh water after each dunk. No more long build up of dirt after each wash.

Dirt Guards are removable so can be washed when needed or taken out for easier storage if using multiple buckets. Simply brush your mitt or wash pad across the guard to release any particles before continuing the wash.

Can I Use A Normal Bucket?

A normal household bucket isn't typically large enough to store enough water to wash a modern day car. With the Auto Finesse Detailing 20 Litre bucket, there is around half the chance of any particles recirculating onto the wash mitt. The diameter of a normal bucket is much smaller, so a Dirt Guard would be out of the question, adding again to the risk of introducing swirls and scratches.

Size: 1x 20 Litre Bucket

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