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Kamikaze Collection d'Elegance Shampoo

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Kamikaze Collection d'Elegance Shampoo (300ml)
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The Kamikaze Collection d'Elegance range is the latest offering of boutique style products to be developed in the far east. Made in Japan with the professional detailer in mind, the d'Elegance range contains only the finest components to make them some of the most impressive on the market. Key aspects of the d'Elegance philosophy include 'Raizin' meaning 'harder' and 'more gloss' for super water repellent results. 'Fuzin' is translated as 'more soft' and 'more shiny', also adding to the phenomenal hydrophobic capabilities. These products are constructed using brand new, carbon nanotube technology and as a direct result, make the application and final results of the d'Elegance products both easier and more durable.

With a scent so good it'll make you want to continue your wash stage forever, the d'Elegance Shampoo offers a premium car shampoo probably unlike no other. This uniquely scented wash stage product offers a much 'finer' bubble when compared to ordinary car shampoos and allows the light bubbly suds to cling to surfaces rather than falling to the ground quickly. Naturally, when paired with your favourite wash mitt or high-grade detailing sponge, it will simply slide over the panels of the car with an incredible smoothness. Differing from the original Kamikaze Collection Anti-Aging Shampoo, d'Elegance Shampoo boasts the added impressive functionality of the removal of mild water-spotting stains and also the ability to rejuvenate surfaces wearing protective coatings so they are showing their best hydrophobic properties once again.

Features & Benefits:

  • Kamikaze's most superior shampoo treatment
  • Finest scent taken from a luxury hotel
  • Unparalleled, fine foaming action
  • Softer contact
  • High-cling bubbling effect
  • Removes mild water spotting
  • Kickstart protective coatings

Directions for use:

  • Shake the product well before use
  • Add a few squeezes of the product into your wash bucket
  • Mix with water
  • For the best bubbles and foam, jet wash the solution in the bucket until full of suds
  • Tip: Apply a small amount of the product to your wash accessory for an even smoother glide over the panels

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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