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Microfibre Madness Dry Me Crazy Junior Drying Towel (40x40 cm)

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Compact Extra Thick Drying Towel.

The key to a good drying towel is its ability to absorb water, making light work of hand drying your vehicle.

Dry Me Crazy Towel is made of an extra thick microfibre material designed to achieve maximum water absorption. At a weight of 1200g/m² Dry Me Crazy Towel is a leader in its class. No matter how much water is on the paint – the Dry Me Crazy Towel will soak it up and leave a streak free finish. The soft microfiber edge avoids scratches even on delicate paints.

The Dry Me Crazy microfibre drying towels have been some of the most popular with customers due to their thick luxurious pile, allowing them to soak up crazy amounts of water.


  • Soft microfibre protects paintwork.
  • Thick pile absorbs vast quantities of water, quickly.
  • Soft edges prevents the introduction of marring on the surface of the paintwork.
  • Weight: 1200g/m².
  • Material: 75% polyester / 25% polyamide.
  • Also available in 65x42cm & 100x65cm.
  • Machine washable to 40 degrees C (avoid bleach & fabric softeners).
  • Tumble dry on cool setting.

Size: 40x40cm

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