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Nanolex Clay Lube (750ml)

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Nanolex Clay Lube (750ml)
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Reduces Risk Of Paintwork Marring.

When stubbornly bonded contamination requires a clay bar, a lubricant is absolutely essential to allow the clay to glide over the surface and grab only the nubby contamination.

Nanolex Clay Lube is a silicone-free lubricant engineered to help detailing clay glide over paintwork, glass or wheels, minimising the chances of scratching, swirling or marring paintwork during the decontamination stage. Formulated to be low-residue, Nanolex Clay Lube does not leave a greasy film. Due to its specialised formulation, Clay Lube will not cause the clay bar to break apart or soften, preserving it for longer.

Features & Benefits:

  • Slick lubricant helps detailing clay glide across a multitude of surfaces
  • Low-residue - will not leave a greasy, difficult to remove film
  • Reduces the chances of marring paintwork during decontamination
  • Preserves the life of clay bars
  • Developed, tested & produced in Germany


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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