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Pyramid Car Care Revival Coating Shampoo (500ml & 5 Litres)

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Pyramid Car Care Revival Coating Shampoo (500ml & 5 Litres)
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The ultimate all-round car shampoo - hard on dirt, gentle on coatings.

Revival Coating Shampoo from Pyramid Car Care is a fantastic all-round car shampoo blended with the highest quality surfactants. Formulated to comfortably remove dirt and grime from the surface of the vehicle but will not affect any existing protective layers such as a wax or ceramic coatings. This makes Pyramid Car Care Revival Shampoo the perfect maintenance product to ensure protective layers can continue to function to the best of their abilities, increasing their lifespan.

Features & Benefits:

  • All-round car shampoo great for pre-washing & washing
  • Will not strip any pre-existing wax or ceramic sealant layers
  • Excellent maintenance wash product for getting the best out of protective coatings
  • Made from the highest quality blend of surfactants
  • Removes dirt, grime, traffic film, bug, fallout & more

Directions for use:

Regular wash

  • 25ml (4 caps) of Revival Coating Shampoo to a bucket and fill with warm water.
  • Agitate the water and solution using a wash mitt working top to bottom.
  • Rinse all traces of the shampoo with a pressure washer from all surfaces.

Decontamination wash

  • 150ml (12 caps) of shampoo in a foam lance with 850ml of water.
  • Apply citrus pre wash or fallout remover to vehicle and apply foam over the top.
  • Leave to dwell for 2-3 minutes and rinse.

Size: 500ml & 5 Litres (Select from the dropdown menu above).

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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five stars 08 Dec 2022

Easy to use

Easy to use and high foaming.

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