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Mercedes CLK270 CDI Avantgarde - Richard Harryman

Entered for the February 2014 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Richard Harryman

Make: Mercedes

Model: CLK270 CDI Avantgarde

Year: 2003

Viewed: 3708 times.

Votes/Comments: 40

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Mercedes CLK270 CDI Avantgarde
Mercedes CLK270 CDI Avantgarde
Mercedes CLK270 CDI Avantgarde
Mercedes CLK270 CDI Avantgarde

Products Used

How Richard Used Our Products

I need to start off by telling you that this is NOT a show car, it is my everyday car that lives outside on the driveway and is used in all weather. It covers up to 20k miles per year and has well over 150k on the clock. When I bought it, it was scruffy and generally unloved but with a little work; most of that has been corrected.

So for the full detail, I always start with the wheels. Only because the floor is dry around them so you can kneel down and really get them clean before washing the car. Wheels cleaned with a selection of IRON-X, and Mellow Yellow wheel cleaner. I use a set of Wheel Woolies, Swissvax Washpudel and an AutoGlym wheel brush for the tyres. Seal them with Poorboys Wheel Seal and Dress the tyres with Poorboys Bold and Bright Tyre Gel (after washing the car obviously).

Next I rinse the body, then use Ultimate Snow Foam, Rinse, IRON-X, rinse and wash with the 2 bucket method using Dodo Juice Sour Power shampoo. Then finally I dry with a GTechniq Aero Scratch microfibre drying towel.

I then use Bilt-Hamber soft clay on the paint and then buff with the Dodo Juice Buff Daddy machine polisher and Poorboys Swirl Remover #1.

A final wax with either Dodo Juice Purple Haze or Supernatural, although, a few times a year it is sealed with Poorboys EX-P Sealant.

The Glass cleaned with Dodo Juice Clearly Methanol and a Mint Merkin glass cloth. The interior is very pale grey and so can be easily marked. I use a diluted solution of Poorboys APC for marks on the dash/doors etc. and a stronger mix on heavier soiling or carpets. The Steering wheel and gear knob are treated with Poorboys Leather Stuff, and the Door shuts and engine bay are cleaned with Poorboys APC also and just lightly rinsed as needed.

Admire, Sleep, Wake, Defrost, drive 250 miles to Yorkshire on salty roads, Return, Repeat. ☺

Comments from Voters

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  • cleanest car I've seen, thats used everyday

  • looks like new

  • A ten year old car that is in showroom condition!

  • This should win because it's old and a daily user!

  • Brightens our car park - from all at Perspective Glass

  • Thats one mean clean machine!

  • Wow! An everyday show car!

  • If my car looks that good with half the miles I'd be impressed!

  • Amazing

  • Cleaner than clean and the shinest blue car I have ever seen!

  • I know this car. It looks like it's done barely 10% of its mileage. Stunningly clean and shiny!

  • This car looks absolutely fantastic. You cannot get better!

  • That's a lot of hard work looks great

  • Shiny........


  • Nicely done mate, keep polishing, you'll soon be down to the metal :-)

  • Nice work, looks better than new.

  • Very nice car, lovely colour

  • That is one clean daily driver! Great work :) Chris

  • Fantastic

  • Looks like new

  • Great looking car, well impressed this is a daily driver - def worth a vote!!

  • Looks great

  • Hard work like that needs rewarding ;)

  • Spectacular...puts my car to shame!

  • Very impressive Richard: possibly more effective than my 'rain' method.

  • I think you missed a spot

  • Amazing condition for a Daily driver...

  • Well loved and cared for :-)

  • Shiny!

  • Grrrrrreat

  • I almost feel ashamed after reading all that work, I still use the blokes at Sainsbury's!

  • Wow absolutely flawless I wish I had the time and a decent car!!!...

  • Well taken care of car

  • :)

  • Beauty!

  • Looks very shiny! Two thumbs fresh from me!

  • Looks super clean, good work.

  • It's in amazing condition for its age and mileage.

  • I'll start this off - It's my car so of course I am going to vote for it!

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