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Tarmalade Tar, Rubber & Glue Remover (200ml)

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Dodo Juice Tarmalade Tar, Rubber & Glue Remover (200ml)
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A Natural End To Sticky Problems!

Tar removers tend to be a necessary evil - traditionally they run off the paintwork and they smell horrible!

Tarmalade is different because rather than being a thin, spray on solution it's a thick paste based on nature's own degreaser and super-solvent; orange oil. The paste formulation clings to paintwork allowing it to dwell for longer and work harder. All this and a gorgeous orange smell that will have you spreading it on your toast if you don't watch out!

Size: 200ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

two stars 17 Feb 2019


I love Dodo Juice products but I have to say that this is one to avoid. Yes, it smells amazing but that's not a reason to keep it around. It sticks to the car to allow for a longer dwell but that's the problem, it sticks so well, you can't get it off again. It is suggested that you use a microfibre to buff it off but I've had little success and for the record, a jet wash won't move it either! Supposedly for small spots and for large areas use Supernatural - I take this point on but the pot is huge for something that is for small areas so you won't use it. Mine is now in the bin, yesterday was the last straw. I'm ordering Supernatural now and I will stick to thin solvent types of tar remover from now on. Hate to leave a bad review but you need to be aware. Perhaps I should have kept it as an air freshener in hindsight.

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