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V38 Optical Final Polish (473ml)

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Final Finishing Polish.

Chemical Guys V38 Optical Final Polish is a water-based finishing compound designed to remove light scuffs and scratches, 2500-3000 grit sanding marks, and any compounding marks or holograms from prior polishing steps. As a jeweller's polish, it is designed to leave surfaces blemish free and bring out maximum paint clarity and colour. Containing lubricating agents for extended working times, V38 produces virtually no dust and delivers perfect results, every time, even on scratch resistant paint finishes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Removes 2500-3000 grit wet sand marks
  • Suitable for ceramic clear coat, conventional clear coat & single-stage paint finishes
  • Designed specifically with scratch-resistant finishes in mind
  • Enhances gloss, depth, & reflection
  • Does not contain fillers or oils, for true results
  • Eliminates swirls, scratches, marring & holograms
  • Designed for use with dual action or rotary machine polisher

Directions for use:

Work on a cool surface. Shake Well. Always work 2’ x 2’ section at a time.

DA application:

  • Apply 4-5 pea-sized drops to finishing pad
  • Use speed setting 1 to spread polish
  • Select speed 5-6 and using moderate pressure work area in 2-3 passes till polish becomes clear
  • Follow with light pressure to finish
  • Remove residue with clean microfibre cloth

Rotary Application:

  • Apply 4-5 pea-sized drops to finishing pad
  • Spread product using 1000-1500 RPMs to spread product
  • Using only the weight of the machine, work area in 3-4 passes till polish becomes clear
  • For final pass adjust speed setting to between 1500-1800 RPMs
  • Work till optical clarity is achieved
  • Remove residue with clean microfiber cloth

Technical Specification:

  • Grit range: 3500-4500
  • Silicone: No
  • Wax: No
  • Oils: No
  • Bodyshop safe: Yes
  • Hand application: Yes
  • Machine application: Yes, recommended
  • Safe for all paint finishes: Yes
  • Safe on all colours: Yes

Size: 473ml

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Customer Reviews

five stars 15 Mar 2018

Great finishing polish

Great product, great smelling and so easy to use. Leaving such a slick finish.

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