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Dodo Juice Car Detailing Products

Dodo Juice achieved a huge following almost as soon as it was hatched! The Dodo’s success comes from having created a comprehensive car care range that performs brilliantly - and at the right price. They’re also responsible for injecting a healthy dose of fun into detailing!

Responsive to industry trends and customer feedback, the Dodo Juice range has evolved significantly since developing their original carnauba wax; Rainforest Rub. Now, in addition to offering Carnauba waxes tailored to dark, light and warm coloured paintwork (in both hard wax and soft wax formulations), Dodo Juice also offers nanotechnology-based sealants for paintwork, wheels, windows and trim. Having branched out into machine polishing, enthusiasts and professionals can choose from either the Buff Daddy DA polisher or the Spin Doctor rotary polisher and there is a selection of machine polishing pads on offer too.

Dodo Juice can be separated into three distinct ranges: Basics Of Bling offers hard-working products at no-nonsense prices. Supernatural is the exclusive range, so-called because it delivers ‘supernaturally’ great results. The original Dodo Juice range brilliantly bridges the gap between the two, with a large selection of cleaners, polishes and waxes for enthusiasts and professionals looking for the perfect balance between price and performance.

Although once extinct, The Dodo is now attempting world domination and several of their products including the rather good Supernatural Hybrid Wax and Born To Be Mild Shampoo have won awards with many detailing forums including the hugely popular Detailing World. Dodo Juice is a detailing range providing outstanding results for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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