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Car Detailing Headlight Restoration

Car failed its MOT? The most common MOT failure category is lights and lamps. Having your lights too bright, too dim, cracked, faded or discoloured can warrant an MOT failure just as much as a bulb being completely out. Overtime, your headlights, like all plastics on a car, will fade as a result of UV and chemical damage. To restore your car's headlights and remove hazing from milky or yellowed headlights, just use a headlight restoration kit.

Headlight restoration is straight forward, using polishes designed to restore clarity to polycarbonate. Restore headlights on all cars including BMW, Audi, Mercedes to name a few, by using a simple step-by-step guide. Complete car headlight restoration with a headlight sealant that will layer on added protection and prevent the damage returning too quickly. If you apply these headlight sealants on a new car, you can prevent any damage occurring from the start.

Once finished, restored headlights can massively improve the appearance of a car and the safety of nighttime driving. With the correct beam pattern and brightness now available, you will be able to see further down the road with more clarity and won't be blinding other drivers.

Normally within 1 polishing step, you can restore 80-90% of the visible clarify of a brand-new headlight. To reach absolute perfection, you may need a kit with light sanding disks. This should be done slowly and will give you better and longer lasting results.

Partly, you can use toothpaste to remove most of the hazing, however it will not remove all the contamination and the milky/faded look will return more quickly. The toothpaste will fill in most of the gaps appearing to have removed the film, think of it like a make-up for your headlights. Plus, if you aim to apply a headlight sealant over the top the toothpaste can stop the product bonding all together.