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Car Soft Top Cleaners

Clean and recolour protect convertible fabric, double duck, mohair, canvas, or vinyl roofs before adding a durable weatherproofing sealant for long-term protection.

Soft top car cleaning is most effective using gentle specialist cleaners. Gentle agitation using a soft top cleaner brush will help to remove dirt, stains, and mildew. These products help to clean soft top car roof materials like fabric, canvas, mohair, traditional double duck and vinyl. Cleaning car soft tops that have been particularly neglected may take longer. Keeping on top of the area regularly with a convertible car roof cleaner will make future maintenance easier.

Bring your convertible car roof back to an as-new finish with a convertible roof restorer. These specialist colour-restorers will treat UV-faded and stained fabric surfaces. Restore the original colour to your rag top and witness a factory fresh finish on your roof again.

Apply a soft top protector on your convertible car roof and weatherproof the surface. These hydrophobic proofers will boost existing weather-proofing or re-protect newly cleaned fabric. Soft top protector is for use on canvas, double duck, mohair, or vinyl convertible car roofs.

  • Step 1 – Deep Clean - use a convertible cleaner and brush to remove all contamination and green algae.
  • Step 2 – Apply any colour restorer at this stage, epically important if the fabric is faded to create that just new look.
  • Step 3 – Allow to dry - the fabric or soft top must be bone dry.
  • Step 4 – Apply the waterproofer as instructed.
  • Step 5 – Once cured watch the water fly off the surface when it rains.