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Car Stone Chips Repair

Stone Chips can really distract from the overall appearance of your freshly detailed car. Luckily, you don't always need to have a complete respray at a body shop to overcome this; using advanced paint chip repair systems can fill in those pesky chips and have the paint looking nearly as good as new. Fill those unsightly stone chips on your paint with the exact colour for your car. All in one paint, no primer or gloss required, just add the paint and blend with the solution.

Professional paint chip repair tools use the paint code and colour taken from your vehicle. It's the quickest way to make car paint repairs super-easy and a guaranteed colour match for paint found on your car. Fill chips on car paint in no time at all using the fully equipped paint repair kit.

The fantastic news is repair stone chips is easy with the latest paint technology from ChipEx. No need to sand, prime, have a spray booth or even apply a lacquer after. Their special acrylic paint and blending solution gives you a smooth, glossy finish. Clean the area first with the polish, apply the paint with the small brushes and then use the blending solution to smooth the area and leave the stone chip filled with the correct colour.

For cost, absolutely. A typical front bumper or bonnet can set you back a few hundred pounds to have a re spray. This could be excluding any specialist paint or labour required to do the job. The overall finish from a stone chip repair kit may not be as flawless as the body shop, but standing a couple of feet back from the car, you will barely notice them. The finish is up to you, but a stone chip repair system is always worth a try first as it can save you hundreds in the long run.

Just use the ChipEx stone chip repair system to fill in the small chips with the matching colour and blend using the blending solution. The ChipEx kit is much better than a stone chip pen or touch up, as the paint and blending solution works in combination to give you a gloss finish from all angles without an addition lacquer spray.