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Car Detailing Panel Wipes

Panel Wipe and Pre-Wax Cleansing are steps many overlook when detailing a car. These two product types may not change the overall appearance of your car, however they are vital to achieve the longevity of any way or ceramic sealant.

A panel wipe product contains little or no abrasive particles and removes all traces of silicone residue. A key component of detailing, panel wipes prepare surfaces before the protection phase. Car panel wipe will remove polish and silicone residues, which might interfere with the bonding process of a ceramic sealant.

Most frequently when sealant application goes wrong it is a result of remaining residues from the cleaning and polishing stage which have reacted, mixed or acted as a catalyst whilst the ceramic is applied to the car. The ceramic sealant can to become difficult to buff off, leaving behind residue marks or stopping the sealant bonding in the first place. A good panel wipes degreaser applied and buffed over the whole surface ensures the lacquer will accept the ceramic sealant without any interference. At the end of the day, you don't want to spend out on a sealant which has no chance of bonding in the first place.

Traditional car waxes require a slightly different preparation polish like a pre wax cleaner. Contains little or no abrasive particles it also ensures the paintwork is free from silicone residues but will also leave behind a blend of other chemicals and oils to create a strong bond between the paintwork and wax. Car Pre-Wax cleaners are very quick to apply and only need to be done so on the first wax layer or if you have polished the car again. After this, you can apply the wax directly onto the already bonded and cured wax from previous applications.

It is important with either of these products to use clean fresh microfibres to avoid pulling out residues from old cloths or just spreading product around the car because the cloth is already saturated.